OWTNM 2013

... impressions collected during the workshop. Note that several photos were taken with boundary conditions of subdued lighting, and without flash, to avoid irritating the speakers.

  The participants (Saturday, April 20, 10:15)

  Thursday evening, welcome reception, UT Faculty Club

  Friday morning, welcome address

  Friday morning, session O-1: Methods & algorithms I

  Friday morning, session O-2: Active structures

  Friday afternoon, session O-3: Functional devices

  Friday afternoon, session O-4: Nanophotonics

  Friday afternoon: Poster Session

  Friday evening, workshop dinner at hotel De Broeierd - no pictures available.

  Saturday morning, session O-5: Methods & algorithms II

  Saturday morning, session O-6: Metamaterials & nanostructures

  Saturday afternoon, session O-7: Physical phenomena

  Saturday afternoon, session O-8: Plasmonics

  Closing remarks - no pictures available.